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Branded Cities’ National Mall Network features Canada’s top shopping destinations in all major markets, attracting over 220 million visits annually. Malls provide an elevated experience – whether it’s retail, dining, entertainment, or social – attracting hard-to-reach, valuable audiences. With numerous advertising opportunities and the ability for nation-wide campaigns, malls are the perfect environment to boost brand exposure, influence purchase decisions, and connect brands with receptive shoppers already looking to spend and splurge.


Annual VisitsCF Toronto Eaton Centre, busiest mall in North America


Annual FootfallTop 15 malls


of Retail in Canada is done in-store


of Shoppers recall specific OOH ads

Cadillac Fairview (CF) owns and manages almost a third of the Canadian mall market, 50% of the top 25 performing centres, and consistently outperforms the competition in all critical categories – seeing sales perform ~30% higher than the ICSC Canadian average. CF continues to elevate the Canadian retail experience!

West Edmonton Mall (WEM) is North America’s largest mall (5.3 million ft.2) and Alberta’s #1 tourist attraction, drawing in 30 million+ annual visits. It is considered the world’s most comprehensive retail, hospitality and entertainment complex.

Netflix – The Week Of - Malls - CF Pacific Mall - Digital Directory (Markham, Ontario)

CF Mall Digital Directory Network

Reaching a uniquely receptive and active audience, Mall Digital Directories are a dynamic and effective advertising opportunity noticeable at eye-level. Strategically located in key areas throughout select CF malls, our network delivers brand messages on the shopper’s path to purchase.

Netflix – The Week Of - Malls - CF Pacific Mall - Digital Spectacular (Markham, Ontario)

CF Mall Digital Spectaculars

Coming in various sizes at select CF malls, our Mall Digital Spectaculars garner attention from all visitors. Strategic positioning at high traffic locations make these bright, large-scale displays highly visible and effective at delivering brand messages to hard-to-reach audiences and active consumers.

Spotify - Carrie Underwood - Malls - CF Chinook Centre - Digital Rotunda (Calgary, Alberta)

CF Mall Digital Rotunda

Surround shoppers and promote your brand in a captivating way with this unique digital display comprised of two side-by-side curved digital screens. Located in the central section of CF Chinook Centre, the Digital Rotunda reaches and delights shoppers on route to retail shops, dining, and fun.

Michael Kors - West Edmonton Mall - Exterior Display (Edmonton, Alberta)

West Edmonton Mall

As North America’s largest mall and Alberta’s #1 tourist attraction, West Edmonton Mall provides brands with the opportunity to reach a multitude of shoppers, tourists, and attraction-seekers. Banners, posters and other static media throughout the complex give advertisers the flexibility and influence to share their brand message inside a world-class destination.

Swarovski, Coach - Malls - CF Toronto Eaton Centre - Banners (Toronto, Ontario)


Large, high-impact, and exclusive – Mall Banners offer brands the ability to perpetually target shoppers. The scale, location and uniform nature of banners allow them to stand out and get noticed, delivering a powerful brand statement throughout the consumer journey and right next to points-of-purchase.

Malls - CF Eaton Centre - Mall Posters (Toronto, Ontario)

Mall Posters

Found at key locations throughout malls, Mall Posters offer eye-level advertising opportunities in high traffic locations. Providing mall-wide coverage, advertisers can reach active and receptive shoppers, as well as stay top of mind throughout their path-to-purchase.

Star Wars - Malls - CF Toronto Eaton Centre - Exterior (Toronto, Ontario)

Exterior Digital

Eye-catching Exterior Mall Digital displays reach shoppers, as well as pedestrian and vehicular traffic alike. When used with high-impact creative, these LED displays can deliver dynamic, timely and relevant information to consumers – influencing their purchasing decisions and driving action for brands.

Exterior Static

Exterior Mall Static advertising is strategically placed to be the first point of contact for hard-to-reach audiences that frequent the mall. Designed to incite interest and brand consideration, these large-scale banners are an effective way to influence the consumer on their path to purchase.

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