Yonge-Dundas Square

The Heart of Toronto

At the corner of Canada’s busiest intersection and in the heart of downtown Toronto is the renowned Yonge-Dundas Square. The Square hosts more than 200+ events and concerts annually, and is in proximity to retail stores, office buildings, universities, condominiums, restaurants, entertainment venues and major attractions such as the Ed Mirvish Theatre, Massey Hall, and the CF Toronto Eaton Centre. The Square also connects to the PATH, the world’s largest underground shopping complex, and offers direct access to the Dundas TTC subway station. Residents, workers, students and tourists pass through the area daily.

Located at Yonge and Dundas are the two largest digital displays in Canada, the TEC Tower and the Atrium on Bay (AOB) Media Tower – offering an enormous and unique opportunity for advertisers to garner massive exposure and effectively deliver their brand message to high-value audiences.


Daily Workers


Annual Event Attendees

8,454 ft.²

Size of the TEC Tower, Canada’s largest digital display


Annual visits to the CF Toronto Eaton Centre

Netflix – Lost in Space - YDS - CF TEC Tower (Toronto, Ontario)

TEC Tower

Standing prominently atop the northeast entrance of the CF Toronto Eaton Centre is the nation’s largest digital Out-of-Home display – the TEC Tower. Overlooking the Square, brands can make a massive impression on audiences due to the Tower’s immense screen size, measuring an area of 8,454 ft.2. Whether shopping at the mall, attending a live event, or going to the movies – the Tower’s vibrant display reaches visitors at key moments in their path to purchase and amplifies any brand message like no other medium. It is also highly noticeable in the background of CityNews’ daily television broadcasts, providing extra value for any campaign.

Levis - Yonge-Dundas Square - AOB Media Tower (Toronto, Ontario)

AOB Tower South

Visible as far south as King St. on Yonge, the south side of the Atrium on Bay (AOB) Media Tower hosts digital, static and 3D media; most notably the AOB1 Digital Screen – the 2nd largest outdoor LED billboard in Canada. A landmark of the Square, any brand advertised on the tower is granted exposure to diverse audiences – shoppers, event attendees, downtown wanderers, movie-goers, as well as vehicular traffic. The south side can also be seen on City News’ daily television broadcasts, adding extra value to any campaign.

YouTube Music - Shawn Mendes - Yonge-Dundas Square - Spectaculars - AOB Tower North Domination (Toronto, Ontario)

AOB Tower North

With a combined display size of 8,774 ft.2, the North side of the AOB Media Tower showcases a spectacular domination, capturing the attention of pedestrian and vehicular traffic as far north as Bloor St. on Yonge. With an unobstructed view for those heading towards the Square, the North side creates a unique opportunity for advertisers to create a large format statement in the heart of downtown Toronto.

Shoppers Drug Mart

Yonge-Dundas Square Domination

As a domination, the combination of the South side of the AOB Media Tower and TEC Tower gives advertisers the capacity to surround visitors with a visually bold and powerful campaign from any vantage point in the Square and its surrounding areas. The Square is also a popular backdrop for shared experiences via social media, with the extra online engagement resulting in extended exposure for brands beyond their media buy. With both media towers, brands can influence daytime onlookers and illuminate the nightscape with their Out-of-Home campaign, leaving a lasting impression on any visitor’s journey.

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