West Edmonton Mall

North America's Largest Mall

West Edmonton Mall features an array of unique opportunities for brands to reach 28 million visitors annually. The options available for advertisers are as follows: 20 digital kiosks, indoor feature wraps and decals, mall entrance wraps and external banners, fashion and sky banners, and two massive interior digital spectaculars. This mall is considered one of the world’s most comprehensive retail, hospitality and entertainment complexes; it boasts 800 stores and services, including nine world-class attractions, two hotels, over 100 dining venues, a wide variety of one-of-a-kind retailers, and entertainment for all.


Annual Visits


Shops and Restaurants


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World Class Attractions

Freedom - West Edmonton Mall - Digital Directory Network (Edmonton, Alberta)

Digital Directory Network

Reaching a uniquely receptive and active audience, Mall Digital Directories are a dynamic and effective advertising opportunity noticeable at eye-level. Strategically located in key areas throughout WEM, this network delivers brand messages on the shopper’s path to purchase.

Paramount+ - West Edmonton Mall

Digital Spectaculars

Coming in various sizes, WEM’s Digital Spectaculars garner attention from all visitors. Strategic positioning at high-traffic locations makes these bright, large-scale displays highly visible and effective at delivering brand messages to hard-to-reach audiences and active consumers.

West Edmonton Mall - Interior Static (Edmonton, Alberta)

Interior Static

Found at key locations throughout malls, WEM’s Elevator Wraps and Banners offer multi-level advertising opportunities in high-traffic locations. By providing mall-wide coverage, advertisers can reach active and receptive shoppers and stay top of mind throughout their path to purchase.

Michael Kors - West Edmonton Mall - Exterior Display (Edmonton, Alberta)

Exterior Static

Exterior Mall Static advertising is strategically placed as the first point of contact for hard-to-reach audiences that frequent the mall. Designed to incite interest and brand consideration, these large-scale banners effectively influence the consumer on their path to purchase.

NFL - West Edmonton Mall - Exterior Digital (Edmonton, Alberta)

Exterior Digital Spectaculars

Eye-catching Exterior Digital Spectaculars reach shoppers, as well as pedestrian and vehicular traffic alike. When used with high-impact creative, these LED displays can deliver dynamic, timely and relevant information to consumers – influencing their purchasing decisions and driving action for brands.

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