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Generate maximum brand exposure with Street Furniture or Transit Shelter Advertising (TSA), offering full coverage across the cities of Ottawa and Edmonton. Our extensive Street Furniture network is located throughout the city at major arteries, throughways, and hard-to-reach neighbourhoods – offering advertisers high reach and frequency. With powerful geo-demographic targeting, brands can reach pedestrians, commuters, and vehicular traffic on route to-and-from where they live, work, and play.


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Moosehead - Street Furniture - Decorative Transit Shelter (Ottawa, Ontario)

Ottawa Transit Shelters

Transit Shelters are an intrinsic component of the Ottawa transit system and an effective advertising medium, offering high reach and frequency. The 500+ transit shelters are evenly distributed across Canada’s capital city, from the downtown core to the suburban communities, and offers unmatched city-wide coverage for any brand looking to reach the consumer on-the-go.

Bridge of Spies - Street Furniture - Sparks Street Poster (Ottawa, Ontario)

Ottawa Sparks Street

Considered Ottawa’s linear “Town Square” and Open Air Mall, Sparks Street is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike, drawing in large crowds. Located near Parliament and in the vicinity of shopping, dining and entertainment, Sparks Street posters offer advertisers the opportunity to influence consumers and commuters along the path to purchase.

Telus - Optik - Street Furniture - Transit Shelter (Edmonton, Alberta)

Edmonton Transit Shelters

Edmonton Transit Shelter advertising offers expansive city-wide coverage for brands, with the high reach and high frequency to connect with the consumer on-the-go. Noticed by pedestrians, commuters, and vehicular traffic alike, Transit Shelter advertising allows for advertisers to effectively reach highly valuable audiences with a continuous and influential brand campaign.

Beve - Ripe For Summer - Street Furniture - Downtown Super Shelter (Edmonton, Alberta)

Edmonton Super Shelters

Larger than regular Transit Shelters, Edmonton Super Shelters offer a unique and high impact advertising opportunity across the City of Edmonton. The extended advertising space effectively reaches and captivates both commuter and vehicular traffic. Advertisers can place their brand messages where desirable audiences are throughout their daily commute, in a highly impactful and effective way.

Accora Village - Street Furniture - Decorative Transit Shelter (Ottawa, Ontario)

Decorative Transit Shelters

Brands can transform their street furniture campaign into an interactive, immersive brand experience that entertains and captivates all who notice it. From extended glass wraps to 3D roof extensions to so much more, Decorative Transit Shelters can bring your brand to life and deliver the “WOW factor“ that drives social engagement and fascinates your audience throughout their commute.

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