Reach the Connected Consumer

Leverage the public nature of Out-of-Home (OOH) and the ubiquity of mobile devices to extend your brand message to targeted audiences directly on their smartphones. Whether for engagement, delivering exclusive content, strategic touch points, or re-targeting, combining these two powerful mediums empowers brands to forge greater and memorable connections with consumers throughout their path to purchase.

Mobile Engagement

Extend your campaign from OOH display to mobile device with the interactive capabilities of Mobile Engagement. Transform OOH creative into an interactive mobile experience that can deliver memorable engagement through augmented reality, social media, exclusive content, contest and giveaways, or transactional activity. Using their smartphones, savvy consumers can prompt interaction with OOH campaigns enabled with these capabilities and can continue engaging with brand content throughout their consumer journey.

OOH Mobile Integration

Take your brand message from one-to-many to one-to-one, reaching targeted audiences based on real-world behaviours and first party data. With OOH Mobile Integration, your brand can drive engagement at OOH locations by delivering an immediate actionable touch point to smartphones via mobile apps and publishers. Ocean Neuroscience shows that consumers are 48% more likely to click on a mobile ad after being exposed to the same ad on OOH first. Brands can then continue the conversation at influential times through­out the consumer’s path to purchase, keeping your brand top of mind. Powered by robust technology, brands can effectively reach desired consumers, optimize OOH advertising efforts, and better understand campaign effectiveness with attribution metrics and in-depth insights.

How it works – OOH Mobile Integration

Hyundai - Yonge-Dundas Square - CF TEC Tower (Toronto, ON)

Exposure to Your OOH Ad

Unmissable OOH at our high traffic venues position your brand to reach and capture a large number of people throughout their consumer journey.

Extend OOH Message to Mobile

Of the audience exposed to your OOH ad, immediately reach and engage all or specific segments by delivering your ad to their smartphones through a variety of mobile app and publisher partners.

Interaction at the Right Time & Place

Strategically re-target desired consumers at key locations and/or influential times, when audiences are most receptive (e.g. at home), to stay top of mind, drive awareness, and incite action.

Real World Action and Insights

Measure success and understand OOH campaign effectiveness on its ability to drive real-world action for your brand. Leverage attribution metrics and other insights to optimize OOH advertising efforts.

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