Branded Cities and Cadillac Fairview, improve their advertising in shopping centers by launching a new digital directory at CF Carrefour Laval. The mall will be proudly equipped with a digital repertoire consisting of a total of 16 55-inch screens, giving advertisers 10-second messages over a 2-minute loop. The extensive network of 16 screens gives brands full coverage of CF Carrefour Laval. In addition, screens are able to provide responsive, real-time content to drive consumer engagement, including live social media feeds, real-time conditional triggers, and personalized content for targeted audiences.

CF Carrefour Laval, located on the North Shore of Montreal, is the community’s favorite destination for fashionable retailers and popular brands, attracting 11.1 million visitors each year. It is the largest shopping center in Quebec in terms of sales per square foot and ranks among the 10 largest shopping centers in Canada in terms of square footage, with 1.3 million square feet of commercial space. CF Carrefour Laval offers buyers more than 250 ambitious retailers and brands, with key stores like La Baie, Simons and Rona.

To find out more about advertising opportunities at CF Carrefour Laval and other places of interest in Canada, please contact: Caroline Letellier

T: 450-928-0800

Source: Cadillac Fairview – Carrefour Laval Profile, Retail Council of Canada – Canadian Shopping Center Study 2017