Branded Cities rolls out new transit shelters advertising (TSA) opportunities in the suburb of Sherwood Park. The suburb will see a total of 20 new TSAs boasting 4’ X 6’ advertising space, empowering brands to deliver their message 24/7, on an unavoidable, unskippable, and impactful medium. The Branded Cities Sherwood Park TSAs will be an effective and powerful way to reach the local community outside the home, being one the few Out-of-Home advertising offerings available in the area.

Sherwood Park is a large hamlet in Alberta, within Strathcona County and is located adjacent to the City of Edmonton, one of Canada’s major markets. The suburb is home to a high earning community, taking home on average a household income of $ 127,468.57*. The Sherwood Park TSAs are strategically located to garner massive exposure at a low CPM, effectively and efficiently connecting advertisers with target audiences throughout their consumer journey.

To learn more about advertising opportunities in Sherwood Park and other major markets across Canada, please contact:

P: 416 408 0800

* Source: Environics – Envision, DemoStats 2016,