Branded Cities, a premier Out-of-Home media company in North America, in partnership with MediaCom and Combe, has brought to life a digital Out-of-Home campaign for Just For Men beard care products. The campaign takes place in Canada’s busiest building, Union Station and is a first-of-its-kind installation, integrating facial-hair-recognition camera technology into an interactive digital board.

The campaign introduces Just For Men’s new line of products – Best Beard Care Ever. To garner maximum impressions, the campaign leverages the camera recognition technology provided by Big Digital, to grab the attention of bearded passersby. Once noticed, the digital board shows the targeted consumer the new line of products, which do not colour hair, but rather maintain healthy beards using shampoo/wash, conditioner, and oil. Additionally, the installation is further supported with brand ambassadors who encourage interaction, provide education on the products, and hand out promotional coupons for trial.

“We are excited to introduce fun, interactive, and innovative campaigns that leverage the latest Out-of-Home advertising technology at world-class venues like Union Station”, states Bill McDonald, VP National Sales at Branded Cities. “Just For Men has placed themselves in front of a massive and receptive audience that are exposed to, and welcome, this creative interaction.”

The activation at the busy York St. Go Concourse – Union Station, launched on March 19th, reaching commuters from surrounding communities heading to and from Toronto’s downtown core. In addition to the concourse activation, Just For Men showcases their brand message on recently launched digital screens throughout the York St. Teamway, a frequently used pedestrian walkway that provides access into Union Station and surrounding destinations.