Clear Channel Canada recently became the first OOH media owner to graduate from the COMB/OMAC OOH certification program. The 5-session training brought the office together in a fun team-building exercise that had us collaborating, problem solving (and occasionally cursing) as we cheered each other on to achieve full certification. 25 of our employees in Edmonton, Toronto and Ottawa are now equipped with the skills and software knowledge to assist clients in planning even more effective OOH campaigns.


The OOH Certification program provides industry knowledge and hands-on software training on the COMBNavigator and COMB Data Report platforms. The combination of valuable audience data, and detailed inventory specifications across 275 markets, allows for smarter, more targeted campaign planning, backed by COMB approved circulation numbers.

” The COMB/OMAC certification course provides us with greater insight to better understand the mindset of our clients and planners.”
– Jonathan Turner, Sales Manager Clear Channel Canada

“If you want to be successful in this industry you need to understand the basics OOH, COMB & OMAC. The knowledge gained or cemented after getting certified will help you work smarter and faster.”
– Ari Zagury, Account Executive Clear Channel Canada

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