Toronto is pretty magical in the summer.  Bolstered by the sight of sun, the presence of warm winds and the return of the tree canopy the city transforms from a cold, gray, rainy metropolis to a bright and shiny urban playground!  There’s a completely different vibe in the air and, especially when you’re sitting in the sun on a patio, the world suddenly seems full of possibility.

What’s with all the seasonal romanticizing?  Well, as cliché as it is, Canada is dang cold!  That means that when the nice weather comes (any day now, right?), we endeavor to spend as much time as possible outside.  And who could blame us?  The city is truly at its best in the summer.  From picnics in the park with friends, to open-dome baseball games at the Rogers Centre, and bike rides to get ice cream, it’s easy to see why this is our favourite season.

There’s another reason that we love summer in the city – it’s prime time for OOH!

With traffic counts up across all our venues, our clients know they’re getting maximum exposure for their brands.  Travel hubs like Billy Bishop and Pearson Airport experience a respective increase of 66% and 47% in travelers in August versus February as everyone seeks a vacation escape.  Iconic tourist attraction and central gathering point in the city, Yonge Dundas Square hosts over 1 million people in its confines every summer.  That’s a lot of eyeballs!  Malls also see an increase in traffic.  That’s no surprise when you find out that people spend 49% more time shopping in the summer, buying more premium brands (31%) and 60% are spending more money overall!

While we believe that OOH advertising is always a good idea, there’s no better time to shake things up than summer.  So get your brand out to audiences and get out-of-home!

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